My art practice investigates questions around personal memories, female identity, and my relationship to immigrant communities. My approach is multidisciplinary with a focus on subject matter first and form second resulting in a body of work that includes painting, sculpture, installation, and more recently, assemblage and digital media.

Like the rest of the world, my daily routine changed considerably under the coronavirus pandemic. My recent work stems from a desire to maintain a daily art practice while dealing with constraints of living under a stay at home order.

Material, space, and time limitations caused me to find new ways to give my ideas form. Rather than mask these disruptions, I choose to embrace uncertainty by following a series of prescribed artist prompts from a book. Each day I turn to one or two exercises with the intention of completing them in one day. This self-imposed time constraint forces me not to over think my ideas and allows me to continue creating while generating data for my own observations. I document each piece with photos and video and look for patterns around the intersection of medium, humor, and subject matter.